John Deere X167R Lawn Tractor


The John Deere X167R lawn tractor is powered by a Kawasaki V-twin engine and features a 42” (107cm) direct collect cutting and collection system to ensure that the grass clippings are effortlessly cut and discharged into the generous 350 litre grass collector.

Forward and reverse travel is controlled by a foot operated hydrostatic drive to give you maximum control over the mower’s speed and direction. The harder you press the forward pedal, the faster the tractor drives forward. The harder you press the reverse pedal, faster the tractor travels in reverse. Because changing speed and direction is so simple, the X166R is very manoeuvrable in tight spaces and around garden obstacles.

Comfort comes as standard with the high back seat and all of the controls can be operated easily. The blades are engaged at the touch of a button.

The typical John Deere styling makes this tractor look attractive and the front bumpers add to the stylish appearance but serve the practical purpose of protecting the front of the mower from damage.

The bonnet of the John Deere X167R is made of UV resistant polymer which won’t rust. Underneath the attractive exterior is a strong chassis, cast iron front axle and robust cutter deck.