Toro Titan XS4850


The new Toro Titan XS4850 zero-turn mower does more than cut grass to perfection, it can also cut your mowing time almost in half. But when you’re bouncing around on rough terrain, speed won’t do you any good without superior comfort to match, that’s why Toro have introduced the MyRIDE® system. The smooth MyRIDE® Suspension System features a suspended operator platform that cushions you from bumps and vibrations, so you can be more productive and stay comfortable. Once you take hold of the controls, the rest of your body is isolated from the mower. The suspended operator platform allows you to float with 3″ of travel – double that of a standard suspension seat. Easily adjustable it means each person who uses the mower can quickly and easily adjust the ride settings to their personal preference, making the Titan the king of custom comfort.

Professional grade cutter decks – Toro Titan mowing decks are made of fully welded grade 50 high strength steel to stand up to your toughest mowing challenges. In fact, Toro’s high strength 10-gauge steel deck is nearly 50% stronger than regular steel decks, giving you the durability large acreages demand. From top to bottom, every detail delivers the heavy-duty performance of a commercial mower, right down to the quality of cut.

Toro’s Smart Speed® control system lets you choose from three ground speed ranges for optimal performance. Use low TRIM range to trim closer for maximum time savings, choose medium TOW range for towing attachments, or select high MOW range to mow large open areas and finish quickly.