Eliet NEO 2 Shredder

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The Eliet NEO 2 features a powerful 2500W electric motor and can cope with a branch diameter of up to 35mm. ELIET have developed and patented a unique shredder system, just like an axe the blades cut through the wood by going with the grain rather than across it. This system copes easily with timber, leaves and green waste producing shredded material with quick-composting properties.

The ELIET NEO 2 has a composite chipping chamber reinforced with glass fibre, this helps to keep noise levels low compared to other similar shredders. The cutting drum is mounted via rubber silencers which act to absorb vibrations before they reach the housing to further reduces noise levels. The chipping chamber also incorporates a transparent access door, this allows you to easily inspect the blades and gives easy access should you need to clear a blockage. Not only is the unit foldable for compact storage, the working angle can be adjusted to suit the height of the operator. The Eliet NEO 2 features a large aperture which proves convenient for introducing large quantities of soft and leafy material as well as bigger twiggy branches.

An integral collector box glides into position with a contactless magnetic safety switch making it impossible to operate the machine without it fitted. Large transport wheels and a sturdy steel frame not only make the Neo 2 stable in use but also easy to maneuver in to position.