Stiga A3000


The Stiga A3000 autonomous robot has no boundary wire, so installation is quick, easy and configurable. Using an augmented GPS signal they are accurate to within a few millimetres, this ensures the robot will stay on you lawn, not in the flower bed. With the patented AGS technology, the robot can plan mowing sessions intelligently, following a guided mowing pattern. This compares to the far more random technique uses on previous generation robots. Being cable-free, you can modify the virtual perimeter for your Stiga A3000 without having to re-install a perimeter cable. You can also control other functions of the robot, such as excluding zones from cutting sessions and setting stay-away times from the STIGA.GO app.

To work with GPS RTK technology, the robot needs an uninterrupted connection with its charging station. This connection happens via 4G to ensure constant communication between the robot, the STIGA Cloud and the charging station. As this system does not rely on line of site you will not need to purchase additional receiver stations to ensure full coverage of your garden. One receiver is included with the mower and that is all you need, no matter the shape of your garden.
STIGA AGS (Active Guidance System) technology takes Stiga autonomous robotic mowers beyond just guiding and mapping boundaries. STIGA autonomous robot mowers learn and memorise satellite orbits, signal strengths and where signal blockages will exist at any given time of the day – updating their sky map everyday. This means that the robotic lawn mowers can plan exactly when to mow, where to mow, and more importantly, keep on mowing. The Stiga A3000 robot mower will actively create a virtual map of your garden, the technology will organise cutting session automatically, knowing when and were to cut.
High-performance 6 blade cutting disc
Forged from a metal compound that retains a sharp cutting edge, six pivoting blades rotate at up to 2400 rpm with automatic height adjustment. Perfect balance on all terrains, uniform cutting without unsightly wheel marks thanks to a perfectly engineered centre of gravity that creates balance on slopes up to 50% (27°).