Eliet Maestro County E-Power

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The Eliet Maestro E-Power battery powered shredder does everything a petrol shredder does, but quieter. Good for the environment, good for you and good for your neighbours!

Patented shredding system

Thanks to its unique Eliet Chopping Principle™, the Eliet Maestro E-Power can deal with both branches and leafy green waste. The chippings are collected in a large 80 litre collection bag and are ideal for composting. By chipping only woody material you can produce a very effective mulch for use in garden borders.

Please Note: Eliet E-Power machines are supplied without batteries and charger. They use the EGO batteries so if you already have EGO products your existing batteries will fit, (minimum 5ah, 10ah preferred ). If in doubt please contact us to discuss which batteries are required.