Wiper I70


The I70 is the smallest of the I-Series models yet still capable of mowing up to 700m².  Equipped with the most advanced features, the performance of the Wiper I70 belies its size. The latest generation processors, brushless motors, powerful batteries and 18 cm blade allow the robot to manage up to 4 separate areas. Excellent efficiency with perfect and fast results from a small robot weighing just 7 kg.

Latest generation motherboard LATEST GENERATION MOTHERBOARD
The processors are faster and can process more data at higher rates, with less power consumption.
The communication technology that allows updating the software and driving the robot at close range.
AMICO (optional) AMICO (optional)
AMICO is the technology that ensures the safe operation of a WIPER robot near animals wearing an AMICO tag. A bluetooth micro device to be put on an average/large-sized pet’s collar. The AMICO tag communicates with the robot as it approaches any animal with the tag and automatically stops the blade. When the animal is at a safe distance the robot will restart.