Eliet Major 4S

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The new Eliet Major 4S has been improved with a new discharge chute made from synthetic material to reduce noise. It has an increased discharge height of 138cm, can be rotated 270° and is fitted with an adjustable deflector flap. Also the new top mounted fuel tank makes for super easy refilling and because it’s transparent you can see the fuel level at a glance. The Major 4S is a robust  professional shredder suitable for both landscaper contractors and the demanding private gardener.  A lot of professional users will need to move the shredder between sites, the slim compact design of the Eliet Major 4S means it’s narrow enough to go through the smallest of garden gates. This means the shredder can easily be taken to where it is needed, which is a great advantage over other big cumbersome shredders where clippings and branches usually have to be brought to the machine.

Its compact size makes transport easy and also takes up less room in your van or trailer, plus when not being used storage space required is minimal.  Operation is simple and the wide feed-in chute makes it easy to feed thick branches up to 60mm, even with lots of twigs and leaves attached.


A professional machine must have the quality that is needed to match its purpose. That’s why ELIET use a frame that is manufactured from high quality steel plate and is fully welded.


20 razor-sharp blades deal with all kinds of garden waste, plus you can reverse the blades so that they last twice as long. The patented ELIET Chopping Principle™ ensures that the blades cut the wood along the grain, this requires a lot less power than the cross cut systems that are used elsewhere. The resulting ELIET BioTech chips have a favourable fibre structure that breaks down faster and contribute to improving your composting system, or can be used as mulch material for your garden borders.