John Deere X167 Lawn Tractor


The John Deere X167 lawn tractor is fitted with a 48” (122cm) cutter deck which makes it suitable for larger lawns and occasional work in paddocks. Power is provided by a reliable twin cylinder Briggs & Stratton engine that gives plenty of power and torque for the toughest cutting conditions.

Hydrostatic drive gives you maximum control over the mower’s speed and direction. The harder you press the forward pedal, the faster the tractor drives forward. The harder you press the reverse pedal, the faster the tractor reverses. This simple control makes the transition from mowing wide open spaces to mowing tight areas very easy. Once the desired speed has been reached, the cruise control can be engaged allowing you to just sit back and steer.

A mulch plate is supplied as standard and changing between mulching and side discharge takes just a few seconds. An optional grass collection is available but we do not recommend it for anything other than very occasional use.

All of the controls, including the electronic cutter engagement, are in easy reach from the driving position. To ensure your comfort, the X167 is fitted with a high-back seat. A towing point comes as standard allowing you to use a trailer, roller and other towed implements around the garden.

When it is time to clean the tractor a water hose connector enables easy cleaning of the deck. Simply connect the hose, switch on the water and start the blades to clean the underside of the cutter deck.