Eliet Maestro County


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The Eliet Maestro County shredder offers excellent output tackling, green waste, leaves, hedge clipping and larger sticks up to 40mm like a champion. The Eliet Maestro County is able to deal with such a wide variety of garden waste thanks to the unique ELIET Chopping principle. Due to the special configuration of the knives all material is fed in through the same chute, no more sorting in to piles before shredding.

The high number of chopping movements produces extremely fine material which is perfect for composting. The collection bag comes as standard and will makes it easy to get clipping on to your compost heap. The compact size of the Maestro County means it can easily be transported within the garden. As inventor of the mobile shredder, Eliet developed machines that can be used everywhere they need to go, even into narrow spaces. The genius of this concept lies in its simplicity: “Take the machine to the wood, not the wood to the machine”.

This chipper technology exploits the weakness of wood by cutting with the grain. The blades of the ELIET shredders cut into the garden waste like miniature hatchets. As a result the wood is cut with the grain. The blades repeat the cycle a thousand of times a minute. The process results in uniform chips that are perfect as a mulch layer or for your compost heap. Eliet shredders minimise the composting cycle because the decomposition rate is highly dependent on the way garden waste is cut.