Eliet E401 (Honda Engine)

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The Eliet E401 is a commercial quality scarifier suitable for landscaper or other heavy duty applications. These extremely robust high quality machines are built to last and easy to use, day in day out.  40cm working width with a depth adjuster, front and rear. A high quality Honda GP160 engine is fitted as standard (Honda GX120 option is available)

The Eliet E410 with a dethatching width of 40 cm and has a rotor featuring 14 Permanently Sharp Blades. Each blade has two cutting edges so that the blade makes two raking motions for each revolution of the blade shaft. The blades are also mounted in a spiral pattern so that they do not all touch the ground at the same time in order to prevent grass sods from being torn loose. The Eliet E401 thus provides maximum efficiency with minimal damage to the lawn.

The E401 comes fitted with 20 cm diameter wheels. Large wheels run more smoothly and are less affected by any unevenness in the terrain. The nylon rims are shock-resistant. Moreover, the roller bearings are able to withstand the sandy and dusty conditions that are encountered during dethatching.

You shouldn’t set the blades to cut deep when you’re dethatching. On the contrary, the trick is to loosen all the moss, felt and other weeds on the surface and lift it out of the lawn. You can then rake or suck it up. Only then can you be sure that all that unwanted material has been removed from your lawn. That’s the basis of the whole unique Permanently Sharp Blades™ concept. The blades are self-sharpening, so they never lose their gripping force. They may suffer some wear, but they will remain sharp throughout their life. The PSB™ technology guarantees the same raking efficiency from beginning till end of blade life.