Atco GT43HR


The Atco GT43HR extends the Atco range of side discharge mulching tractors and is a great alternative if you don’t want to collect your grass cuttings and require a larger cutting width. Powered by a Briggs & Stratton 4165 AVS 500cc engine and benefiting from a hydrostatic transmissionsystem that gives infinitely variable forward and reverse speeds by simply using a foot pedal. Blades are engaged or disengaged at the flick of a switch through an electronic blade clutch. Cutting height is adjustable from 25mm to 80mm. A snap on hose connection on the cutter deck facilitates cleaning after use.

Used on a regular basis mulching is a highly efficient method of recycling clippings and is increasingly popular as it does away with the need to compost the grass. Mulching leaves a fine finish; the mulched clippings are barely visible as they are blown deep into the turf and return valuable nutrients such as nitrogen back into the soil promoting healthier growth. Side discharge comes into its own in longer grass conditions. It leaves a uniform finish and will tidy up a lawn which has grown too long for successful mulching.

The 43” twin bladed side discharge mulching deck on the Atco GT43HR comes complete with anti scalp wheels and the 65cm turning radius makes this a very manoeuvrable tractor. A stylish front bumper is a standard fitting. Optional accessories include a tow hitch, which is useful if you want to pull a trailers or spreader etc.