Wiper I130S Robot Mower


The Wiper I130S robotic mower is suitable for gardens up to 1300m². The “I” series robots are quiet, practical and compact yet guarantee high efficiency and excellent performance.

Its small size makes it agile and means it can easily manoeuvre in smaller narrow areas. Advanced technology, Lithium-ion battery power combine to ensure complete management of your garden and excellent cutting results.
It is even able to operate on less than perfect surfaces and can manage slopes of up to 45%. Programming can be done via the mowers control panel or an app on your smartphone.

Programable cutting times means you can avoid periods such as weekends when you are more likely to be in the garden. Bump, lift and tilt sensors ensure complete safety for obstacles, pets and children.

Latest generation motherboard LATEST GENERATION MOTHERBOARD
The processors are faster and can process more data at higher rates, with less power consumption.
The communication technology that allows updating the software and driving the robot at close range.
Connect and interact with the robot any time and anywhere (with your own smartphone or tablet). By using the ‘Wiper Remote’ app it is possible to set up the robot time profiles, verify location (geo localisation), isolate and/or work on specific areas of the garden (Go Away), monitor the status of the robot and receive alerts when it comes out of the garden (Geo fence alarm, an evolved anti-theft system). Thanks to the Go Home and Work Now functions, it is possible to force the robot to return to the charging station or to work in the garden.
The models equipped with the Connect module can interact with the user thanks to the new SMART ASSISTANT function (compatible with Siri, Google Home and Alexa). The SMART ASSISTANT function allows you to send vocal commands, ask for information on the functioning of the robot as well as the working statistics.
AMICO (optional) AMICO (optional)
AMICO is the technology that ensures the safe operation of a WIPER robot near animals wearing an AMICO tag. A bluetooth micro device to be put on an average/large-sized pet’s collar. The AMICO tag communicates with the robot as it approaches any animal with the tag and automatically stops the blade. When the animal is at a safe distance the robot will restart.