Oleo-Mac GSH510 Chainsaw


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The Oleo-Mac GSH510 has a high-capacity 50.9cc engine outputting a hefty 3hp.  With a 46cm (18″) guide bar the Oleo-Mac GSH510 is one is the biggest and most powerful homeowner-use petrol chainsaws on the market.

The air-cooled two-stroke engine on the Oleo-Mac GSH510 Petrol Chainsaw blends the Italian brand-leader’s EasyStart technology with a nickel-plated cylinder for superior life and reliability. Operator comfort is enhanced due to a series of rubber-stops and spring dampers which combine to limit the transfer vibrations from the engine to the user’s hands and arms.

The Oleo-Mac GSH510 Petrol Chainsaw benefits from an automatic oil-pump that’s adjustable to suit both the timber-density and the ambient temperature in which you’re working. The oil flow is stopped when the engine idles, thereby avoiding mess and waste.

Easy to maintain, this model features a straightforward lateral chain-tensioner and offers tool-free component access.

Power/Displacement: 3.0 HP – 2.2 kW/50.9 cm³
Bar length: 46cm, 18″
Chain: Oregon .325″ x 3/8″
Oil Pump: Automatic, adjustable with zero flow rate at idle speed
Oil/fuel tank capacity: 0.27 L/0.5 L
Sound pressure/power level: 110/113 dB(A)
Dry weight without bar and chain: 5.1 Kg