Oleo-Mac BCH400T Brush Cutter


The Oleo-Mac BCH400T Brush cutter is powered by a 40.2cc two stroke engine which has enough power to breeze your way through nettles, shrubs, high weeds and stubborn bramble with ease.

The huge amount of power on offer is characterised by its linear torque curve and smooth throttle response. The commercial grade engine features a diamond-finished steel crankshaft with a two-ring piston and magnesium crankcase so as to ensure it will handle the rigours of intensive use.

EasyOn technology makes the ignition process totally straightforward and pretty much effort-free; while a top-quality paper-type air-filter provides optimum protection against the ingress of dust and other airborne debris.

the Oleo-Mac BCH400T comes complete with a professional type double shoulder harness and boasts comfortable bike type handlebars – the sort favoured by landscape contractors. Oleo-Mac’s supremely effective vibration-damping system further enhances this model’s usability.

The Oleo-Mac BCH400T comes two cutter-heads, a Load & Go nylon line head for grass-trimming (Load & Go makes spool-replacement possible in less than 20 seconds) and a three-tooth metal-blade.