Atco GTX36H


The GTX 36H has a 603cc Kawasaki V-Twin engine and fully hydrostatic transmission.  The hydrostatic system gives infinitely variable forward and reverse speeds using a foot pedal and can shuttle effortlessly between the two.

The GTX36H has a cutting deck with twin contra rotating blades.  This cutting arrangement gives an excellent finish and powerful rear discharge of cut grass into the collector.  Blades are engaged and disengaged at the flick of a switch through an electronic clutch which stops the blades within 3 seconds of disengagement.  Clippings are blown into a large 290 litre capacity rear mounted collector.  A buzzer sounds when the collector is full and it can be emptied without leaving the driving seat.

A mulching kit is included, switching between collection or mulch modes is extremely simple and takes less than a minute. Simply remove the collector, insert the mulching plug into the discharge chute and replace the collector, to return to collection simply reverse the procedure.

A stylish front bumper is a standard fitting and optional accessories include a deflector for use in long grass.