Toro 20965 Recycler PoweReverse

£699.00 £599.00

The Toro 20965 Recycler PoweReverse  is a 55cm self-propelled mower with Reverse, so no more pulling the mower backwards when manoeuvring. Now mowing the lawn can be even easier!

The 20965 is extremely comfortable to use thanks to the Iso-Flex handle mounting which provides vibration isolation and floating height range for the ultimate operator comfort and control.

The powerful Briggs & Stratton 675EXi engine incorporates SMARTSTOW® which allows the mower to be stored upright without any fuel or oil spillage. This reduces the storage footprint by up to 70%*.

The ADS AutoMatic Drive System with PoweReverse senses and adjusts to your preferred walking pace. It also delivers drive to the front wheels to provide a reverse assist for easy manoeuvring.

The High Wheel design with 11in(28 cm) rear wheels will tackle uneven terrain with ease.