Toro 20960 Recycler AWD


The Toro 20960 Recycler AWD has all-wheel drive which is perfect for mowing hills and other tough conditions. Extra traction makes it easy to manoeuvre with less effort, while the Toro ADS personal pace drive system means the mower always matches its speed to your walking pace.

A Toro Recycler mulches the grass so nutrient rich clippings are returned to the soil where they quickly decompose and feed the roots for a healthy greener lawn. This is good for the environment as there is no need to bag clippings for disposal, and also no more trips to the local recycling centre. The 20960 Recycler range also benefits from ROD or Recycle-on-Demand, this is a handy lever that allows you to swap from mulching to collecting in seconds.

The ADS Automatic Drive with Traction Assist matches the speed of the mower to your walking pace, walk faster and it automatically speeds up, slow down and so does the mower.  With all four wheels driving together you get better traction in soft, wet conditions as well as hilly and rough terrain, delivering the easiest to use AWD system yet.