Mountfield SP46


The Mountfield SP46 is a great self-propelled, petrol-driven mower. The reliable Stiga Autochoke petrol engine drives the wheels and the 46cm cutting width blade resulting in effortless mowing.
The steel chassis ensures that the SP46 is a durable, dependable and easy to use mower. It has a centralised lever to adjust the cutting height of the blade – with six different positions to choose from depending on the length of grass you are cutting – and clippings are collected in a capacious 60-litre canvas collection bag.
To save time and to add nutrients to your lawn, simply fit the mulching plug (supplied with the mower) and clippings are finely cut and redistributed back onto the lawn surface as you mow.
This mower is ideal for any medium-sized garden. Its fold-down handles make storing the SP46 easy and space efficient. It is also backed by a two-year warranty