John Deere JS63V

£776.00 £669.00

John Deere JS63V Mulching Lawn Mower

  • Large 23cm (9″) rubber wheels add stability and maximise traction. The exclusive rounded tread design reduces turf damage and provides an easy push/pull effort as well as manoeuvrability.
  • A 2 point height adjustment is located at the front and rear of the mower, adjustable from 1 to 4 inches in half inch increments.
  • The mower deck is stamped out of 13 gauge steel – 17% thicker than on most competitive models.
  • The deck also features a rolled lip for outstanding strength and durability.
  • The dome shape of the deck provides an unparalleled practically debris free cut in long damp grass.
  • Steel deck models come equipped to mulch. The unique dome shaped deck provides quiet, efficient mulching. Clippings are cut and re-cut then blown back into the lawn for a natural, nitrogen rich boost.
  • Yellow dichromate hardware provides seven times more protection from rust – legendary quality that people have come to expect from John Deere.
  • Zone start is a safety feature on the steel deck models. A zone start bail is located on the handle bar and this must be engaged at all times in order to keep the engine running. Once the bail is released, the engine and blades will stop within 3 seconds.
  • Convert from mulching to bagging in seconds. The 88 litre capacity bag is optional.
  • The standard side discharge chute conveniently screws on to the side – no tools are needed.