Cleanburn Sonderskoven


Cleanburn Sonderskoven Multifuel Stove

Tripleburn technology is what gives Cleanburn stoves their super-low emission rates. It ensures that the fuel is fully burned, which means there™s less smoke escaping up the chimney.

So how does Tripleburn work? Three streams of air are directed into the stove to maximise combustion. Air is drawn in beneath the fuel, above the fuel (passing in front of the glass door), and behind the fuel. This hot air improves ignition so that fuel burns more efficiently, leaving less to be released into the atmosphere.

The triple stream technology ensures that air is always directed to the right place. If you™re burning wood, close the grate “ the air from above, directed into the heart of the fire, enables optimum burning. For smokeless fuels, open the grate and allow the air to flow through the bed, which provides the best conditions for these fuels.

Finally, the air stream that passes between the fire and the glass door is particularly important, because it prevents carbon deposits from building up on the glass. Which, as anyone who owns a stove can tell you, will save you a chore on cleaning day.